Friday, May 21, 2010


*open cupboard*


*Touch diary with hand*

*Jibuy, even got spider web la!!!*


*Cough cough cough!!!*

*Take cloth*

*Wet with water.....*



*Throw cloth away*

*Guess this will do for now, reviving this blog.*

Friday, April 23, 2010

Quotes : #1

"I fear no death. Death to me is just another chapter of life. But I don't want to move on into this new chapter, without making significant differences in this chapter of my life. And indeed, life is not about you and yourself. Life is about improving the life of others, be in now or in the future. Then after this mission is fulfilled, I shall move on to the other chapter."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Never Give Up

I understand how you feel.

Sometimes it is really frustrating to walk up a road, thinking that you would have a better ending, a better future. But after going through the distance, only to realised that this is actually a dead end. It is really frustrating, really disappointing, might even crush your heart and spirit so much, that you think of ending it all... suicide.

But no, this shouldn't be an option. For I believe that life is a dynamic form of energy. Each dead end will open a door to new opportunities. There is no fullstop in life, the only limit we have is the limit we set to ourselves. And when you trip and fall, just wipe your tears, stand up and keep walking. Remember how often you fall when you first try to learn how to walk? But yet you stood up tall today. Nothing can bring you down. Nothing.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I am not sleeping, nor am I dreaming. But why it is nowadays I have such fearsome thoughts running through my head. Thoughts of sharp saw penetrating my skull, thoughts of being tied with layers of metal around my hips until my pelvis bones crush, thoughts of having brain cancer, thoughts of something blocking my vein until the blood pressure causes it to burst. What signs does it bring? Why do I have such thoughts, even when I am fully concious? This is really worrying me...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The more classes I attend, the more cases I heard she say, and I smiled when I know what she is saying, I somehow think that my method is right. Criminal defence lawyer, or maybe public prosecutor. I just need to keep doing what I am doing, I will reach there someday. And on top of the mountain, I shall decide my next course of action. Until then, let's just keep walking.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Thanks Jo!
I took your advise on how to make friends and it works!
And you know what exactly she told me?

Tips on how to make love friends by Jo:

(1) Ask for the names. Don't say anything perverted or sounds perverted but is actually not perverted.
(2) Ask where they come from. Don't say anything perverted or sounds perverted but is actually not perverted.
(3) Ask why they take A-level. Don't say anything perverted or sounds perverted but is actually not perverted.

Thankiyou so much Jo! Your advise is so "useful".

Sarcastic enough, right? xD

Actually special thanks to some of my friends who introduced me to their friends and sparked a chain of reaction, and within a day time, my friends multipled by a reasonable number! Finally realised silence is not going to bring you anywhere. =D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Vent My Anger.

This post is going to be super long.

On my way home today, I saw a vagabond asking a dime from a man. The man was wearing a normal office attire, one hand hugging his briefcase tightly, and his bag clinging onto his shoulder. Nothing is wrong with this, until I realised that one of his sleeves is shaking frantically as he was rushing towards the train. He is handicapped. And so I thought, "Wow! What an inspiration! What the hell is going on with that begger? Isn't he ashamed to ask for donation from a guy without an arm, when he all his limbs totally attached! The guy without his arm is rushing for the train! He is trying to make a living! While you? Must you stoop so low as to ask donations from a handicapped person when you yourself is physically fit?" However "pokai" I am in the future, I will take this as a lesson, never to be as "pokai" as that begger!

On a lighter note, I don't think I will sit in the train again, unless I really need to do so. Reason being is that it is not very comfortable sitting when you get surrounded with girls, especially the ones with big boobs. Might be a very pleasant experience if you are brave perverted enough to actually stare, but I don't guarantee you that the women wouldn't slap you la. But actually ho, I do hope that the train will suddenly brake, then I can ___________ them. Might even put up a good show, "Oh, so sorry, are you injured? Come let me check." xD

Speaking of which, women.... reminds me of that bitch. My law lecture. Don't want to say her name la. I admit it is partially my fault, I should be more discreet next time. NEVER show the world what you got until the last moment. But her fault also la, she also should be more discreet. There is a thin line between being CONFIDENT and PLAIN ARROGANT. Maybe that is the problem with law students la actually, think that they are above the law. =.=

And talking about lecturer, psychology is boring, the class is still boring (I am sure they would dare to make more noises is the future) but the lecturer is HOT. I can practically stare at her for 2-3 hours, pretend to hear what she is saying, while in actually fact I am just staring at her b**bs. To Choy, the bottom part of her body is very plain, only the upper part is fantastic, which is why I likey her so muchie!! *drool* *ops, I forget my blog got females reader too*

Anyway, I guess I talked too much, again. Anyone of you are reading what I am writing? Or am I just talking alone in this cyber space? =.=